Barstow Pregnancy Center

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Client Testimonials

"I came to the Center because I needed help with my first child.They helped me to potty train my daughter and discipline my son. They really helped and changed my life. I would recommend any parent who needs help to go there." 

"The Barstow Pregnancy Center is a very giving place. I am very grateful there is a place like this in my area. The circumstances that caused me to come to the center was that I was running out of diapers, and wipes for my 2 kids. I didn't have any money and somebody else told me about the center, so I went and checked it out and I've been going ever since. The classes have been helpful to me in parenting my children because they have taught me how to stay calm, and how some of the things I was doing needed some correction."

"I would and have recommended the Pregnancy Center to others and its funny they all say “Why? I'm not pregnant.” So I tell them they offer parenting classes and other programs like counseling. They are very helpful at the center. I have made a life changing decision to get on birth control and that 2 kids are enough for me, and my boyfriend. I also have been considering taking GED classes when my oldest starts going to Head Start."

"I started attending classes at the Pregnancy Center for assistance with baby supplies. The classes have been really helpful with parenting my child. I've learned a lot on things to help with my parenting. I would definitely recommend the pregnancy Centers programs to others."

"I feel very welcomed here."